Program in Early Cultures


Brown University's strength in the study of global antiquity lies not only in the concentration and excellence of our faculty, but also in the resources available for faculty and students to use in research and further exploration.

Faculty and graduate students at Brown are able to take advantage of a variety of collections relevant to the study of early cultures, including these and more.
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Brown’s library and online resources include many useful for the study of early cultures.
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Researchers at Brown can also take advantage of relevant resources elsewhere in Providence, Boston, and the wider region.
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In an effort to follow the example of Brown's library staff who have used their expertise to compile collections of online and on-campus resources relevant to early cultures, the Program in Early Cultures here also seeks to feature some of the university's many extraordinary collections of ancient objects. These resources are housed throughout the campus, not only in our museum, libraries, and special collections, but in individual departments and institutes, secure storage, and other locations that are otherwise inaccessible -- or at least invisible -- to the public.

By sharing information on these unique resources, PEC hopes to encourage their further study and use, both by Brown's own faculty and students and by researchers who may choose to learn more about the objects, either remotely or by visiting them on Brown's campus.